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thanks for stopping by!


our designs

Kathy designs and handmakes

 all the Ohr Jewellery

in her studio.    

All her designs are crafted with care and offer the uniqueness,  spark, and durability you'd expect in quality jewellery.


our name

Ohr (the h is silent) means light in Hebrew and is considered to be the Spark of Life in all things - every rock, tree, human, piece of jewellery......... on Earth.

Ohr Jewellery designs reflect your inner light.

kat working - Copy.JPG

meet kathy

the designer, maker, and owner of Ohr Jewellery. 

Kathy has silver in her blood! She was born in Silver City, New Mexico and grew up in the hamlet of Silverton in the Silver Valley of northern Idaho, where her father was the Superintendent of the Sunshine Silver Mine (the largest silver producing mine in North America at the time). 

Kathy was destined to forge silver into wearable art!!



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