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About Ohr Jewellery

Kathy's got silver in her blood and was destined to work silver into wearable

art!!  She was born in Silver City, New Mexico and grew up in the hamlet of

Silverton in the Silver Valley of northern Idaho, where her father was the

Superintendent of the Sunshine Silver Mine (the largest silver producing mine in

North America at the time).


Kathy started silversmithing about 20 years ago as a mindful hobby and her love of the craft grew into a business.  She started, Inc in 2011, which grew into a store front, silversmithing teaching studio, and online ecommerce business.  She (and her other instructors) taught a large variety of classes in her studio to just under1000 students in 5 years!  This was a ton of fun, a ton of work, and a satisfying accomplishment.  The best part was the community of hobby and artisan silversmiths that grew and flourished around her studio.  

Kathy developed Ohr Jewellery in 2023 after selling, Inc.  

She designs and makes all Ohr Jewellery in her studio, and she sells online and at markets in the greater Vancouver, BC area.



We'd Love to Hear From You!

Have a question or interested in working with Kathy to make something special?  Reach out.

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